Guruji Agatthiyar

About Guruji Agatthiyar

Our Sri Agasthiya Sivanadi Astrology Center has gained a reputation as one of the leading and renowned Nadi astrology centers in India. With a presence in two offices in Chidabaram, Tamil Nadu, India for four decades and another office in Vaitheeswaran Koil, India for the past two decades, we have established ourselves as a trusted and experienced astrology center.

Our guruji Agathiyar comes from the esteemed Valluvar Family in Tamil Nadu, whose lineage of Nadi astrologers has served both kings and common people in the past. This profound knowledge has been passed down through generations, and now our guruji proudly carries on this 90-year legacy of Nadi astrology. The Nadis themselves are not easily decipherable, as they are written in ancient Tamil and presented in poetic forms such as sonnets and couplets. Only linguists who have dedicated years to studying this unique form of astrology can interpret them. Our guruji have invested significant time into learning from their ancestors, becoming expert readers of these Nadi leaves, resulting in their accurate predictions.

Sri Agasthiya Sivanadi Astrology Center in India stands out as a top choice among Nadi astrology centers due to the exceptional service offered by our guruji, who is renowned for providing precise predictions and effective remedies.