Nadi Astrology and Nadi History

Nadi Histoey

The history of Nadi Astrology is shrouded in mystery and legend. According to some sources, the origin of Nadi Astrology can be traced back to the Vedic sage Agastya, who is believed to have possessed a highly developed consciousness and clairvoyance. He and his disciples wrote down the predictions for millions of souls on palm leaves using a special script and language. These leaves were stored in various places, such as temples, libraries, and caves.


Another version of the story claims that there were four main sages who created the Nadi leaves: Suka, Brahma, Agasthiya, and Kaushika. Each sage had a different style and method of writing the predictions, and each named their Nadi after themselves. These Nadis are also known as Suka Nadi, Brahma Nadi, Agasthiya Nadi, and Kaushika Nadi. They contain different types of information and chapters for different aspects of life.

The Nadi leaves were preserved and protected by various dynasties and rulers over the centuries. However, some were destroyed or lost due to natural calamities, wars, invasions, and negligence. The British colonialists also showed interest in the Nadi leaves and acquired some of them from the local rulers. They later sold them to some Indian families, who still own them and continue to train people in reading them.


The main center of Nadi Astrology is Vaitheeswaran Koil, a temple town in Tamil Nadu. Other temples of significance surround it and vibrate with the ancient wisdom of the Nadi tradition. Many Nadi astrologers live and practice in this area, offering their services to people who seek guidance from the Nadi leaves.