General Report

This concise report provides an overview of the individual’s personal background information, such as their name, family members, occupation, etc. It also presents a forecast for each of the 12 astrological houses in the person’s birth chart, which is determined by the planetary positions recorded on your Nadi leaf.

Education, wealth, Prosperity, Family Life

The chapter will cover topics such as Education, Fortune, and Family Life. Additionally, it explores the significance of vision and the art of communication.


The number of siblings one will have and the nature of their relationship can be foreseen. Both the positive and negative aspects will be discussed.

Mother Influence, Possessions

The importance and impact of a mother in one’s life will be discussed, along with the advantages and challenges that may arise. Additionally, the focus will be on the material wealth such as property, vehicles, land, and possessions possessed.


Provides details regarding the children present in someone’s life, including their accomplishments, challenges, the bond shared with them, mortality, and steps taken to address any issues that arise.

Disease, Debt and Enemies

Experiencing financial hardships, battling a serious medical condition, and facing imminent dangers from enemies can be incredibly devastating. This chapter delves into the various misfortunes that one may encounter in life, exploring their causes, duration of suffering, and offering potential remedies to overcome these challenges.

Marriage Life

Discover the enigmatic nature of married life and savor the delight of being cherished by someone. The chapter delves into various aspects of marriage, including its timing, duration, compatibility factors, reasons for delays, and conflicts with one’s spouse.

Life Span

Every living being shares the common experiences of life and death. However, we are fortunate to possess knowledge about the processes involved. Here, we find answers to inquiries regarding lifespan, longevity, and potential hazards that may lead to sudden demise.

Father, Inheritance, Spirituality

This document provides comprehensive information about your father, including details about your relationship with him, the inheritance of wealth and property from him. It also covers both the positive and negative aspects of this inheritance. Additionally, it delves into any spiritual inclinations you may have, discussing temple visits and acts of charity that are expected.

Business and professional life

The chapter equips you with knowledge on potential career paths, the possibility of starting your own business, and the financial gains that can be achieved. Additionally, it foretells your experiences and interactions in your professional journey.

Vehicular Profit, Second Marriage

This chapter delves into the themes of change and progress. It provides answers to inquiries regarding the advantages and disadvantages associated with vehicles. Moreover, it sheds light on the significance of life’s blessings and the impact of remarriage on one’s future.

Expenses, Prospects of Foreign Visit, Rebirth, Salvation

In this chapter, you will learn about managing your finances and making decisions on how to spend your money. It also explores the possibility of traveling to a different country and discusses the potential impact of having a child on your future. Additionally, it delves into the concept of attaining Moksha.

Shanthi Kandam

The chapter delves into the sins that were committed in a previous lifetime and offers solutions to alleviate their impact on your current existence.

Deekshai Kandam

The main emphasis is on spirituality. Engaging in chanting or mantra repetition, as well as seeking guidance on wearing protective talismans or amulets, can help eliminate troubles and adversaries while safeguarding against the negative consequences of wrongdoing.

Aushadha Kandam

Chapter focused on the treatment of persistent or chronic ailments and strategies to cope with them using medication.

Disabukthi Kandam

The chapter delves into the intricate details of planetary positions, periods, and sub periods, exploring their profound impact on one’s life. It also examines the ever-changing nature of planetary positions over time and how these fluctuations can significantly affect an individual’s life during specific periods.